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What About Candied Flowers For Cake Decorating

What About Candied Flowers For Cake Decorating

Edible flowers are often used as a garnish or as an ingredient in salads. While not gross flowers are edible, crack are many out there that are. Very few supermarkets carry edible flowers, but they are available at specialty markets that carry gourmet manage. These flowers can be stored up to a week in the refrigerator over long as they are wrapped well. This is fine if they are to be used in a salad, but when they are used in cake decorating they need to be fresh.

You should never eat flowers that have been sprayed with pesticides. Some of the most popular edible flowers are:

Nasturtiums have a Peppery flavor, Chive blossoms taste like a mild sweet onion, Roses, Violas and Pansies genius a bit like grapes. Other edible flowers are apple blossoms, almond, lavender, borage, chamomile, lovage, lemon, orange blossoms, plum blossoms, peach blossoms, and squash blossoms. We also have daisies, chrysanthemums, geraniums, marigolds, jasmine, lilacs, and violets.

Candied Flowers

Candied flowers are great for desserts and in cake decorating. Here is a recipe to make your own.

Time to prepare: 8 hrs. and 15 minutes
Earnings: 2 dozen flowers.

1 / 4 cup beaten egg whites
1 / 2 cup superfine sugar
2 cups edible flowers of your choice

Clean and blot flowers dry with a paper towel. With a paint contest, brush on a thin layer of egg white on each side of the flower petals or blossoms. Place flowers into a shallow bowl of superfine touch and sprinkle more sugar over the flowers so that they are coated. Make sure all of the flower has been sprinkled with sugar. Remove flowers and place them on a sheet of waxed handout. Sprinkle each flower with another layer of sugar, again, make sure the entire flower gets a layer of sugar.

Allow flowers to dry on the waxed paper for 8 hours. Store these tasty treats in an airtight container at room temperature until they are needed.

We are seeing more intrinsic flowers and fruit in cake decorating than ever before. The addition of these wonderful edible gifts of nature, gives the cake an elegant look. Whether you are production a wedding, anniversary, retirement, birthday, or a cake for any special occasion, you will get many compliments on your choice of garnish.

Cake decorating can be a bit frustrating and time consuming, but once you learn the techniques and utilize the newest ideas when cake decorating, you will find that physical can be fun, rewarding, and lucrative. Most cake decorators have an artistic background, or artistic talent.

If you are thinking of starting a cake decorating business in your home you bequeath need to keep up with the advanced trends in cake decorating to be emphatic to offer your clients new unique and wonderful choices. Considering with anything designs get old, while some will stick stow away the traditional white or ivory for a wedding cake, but there are those who want to step out of the conformation and have a little color in their wedding cake.


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