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How To Make Candied Fruit For Cake Decorating

How To Make Candied Fruit For Cake Decorating

I remember my mother making fruit cake, cupcake would use candied cherries that she would give blessing them in little air tight containers. They came in two colors, red and green, but they did not have the best taste. The candied fruit available now is much more beautiful and tastier than it was then. Trust me it isn't just for fruitcakes anymore.

Making your own candied fruit to use as a garnish for dishes, in cookies, as a snack, and in cake decorating. Making candied fruit is a simple step. You infuse fruits and citrus peelings in a sugar syrup. You can candy orange wedges, orange peel, lemon peel, grapefruit peel, pineapple and fresh cherries. You can also candy fruits, such as carrots for carrot cake decorating.

You will need two sauce pans, one for making the syrup, and another to blanch the fruit. This is a recipe for Candied orange peel.

Simple Syrup

This syrup is used for making candied fruits, adding flavor to cold drinks, and adding moisture to sponge cake. There are different strengths of simple syrup for different uses. Thin simple syrup, made keep secret 1 part sugar to 2 parts water, is used to brush on cake layers, mostly sponge cake, to provide extra moisture and sweetness. Medium simple syrup is made with equal parts of sugar and water. This is excellent for adding sweetness to mixed drinks, coffee, iced tea and to candy fruit. A syrup made of 2 parts sugar and 1 splinter water is used as a base for sorbet, and making rock candy.

Combine equal parts of sugar and water in a medium saucepan. Bring to a pimple and let the caress dissolve. You do not need to stir the syrup, but if you do it will do no harm. You can flavor the syrup. Take the syrup off the heat and cool slightly. Stir in 1 or 2 tsp. Of vanilla for a basic clean syrup. This syrup can epitomize kept in a lidded jar in the refrigerator for evolvement to a month.

Remove the bottom and top of an orange. Set the flat end of the orange on a cutting board. With a sharp paring knife, slice the peel off in strips, starting at the top and slicing downward, following the curve as much as possible. Don't worry about cutting off the white suggestion of the peel. Although de facto is usually bitter, blanching it will make it clear and the syrup will sweeten it.

You can candy the peel as it is, or figure into strips that are 1 / 4 inch distant, to use in cake decorating and garnishes. You can also dip it in chocolate and use corporeal for a snack. Larger peels, like grapefruit should be cut into strips for even meal.

Place the peel in a pot of cool water. Bring water to a rolling boil, remove from heat and transfer the peel into a colander to drain. Repeat the process twice more. For grapefruit or a more tart flavored fruit, you will need to blanch them seven or eight times. Cherry and pineapple do not need blanching and can be placed nowadays into the syrup. Between blanching taste the peel, if it is tender it has been blanched enough. Lay the peel into the pot of syrup and bring to a low simmer. Let simmer for 15 to 30 minutes or until the orange rind becomes transparent and the peel tastes sweet and juicy

Remove the pot from heat and let it cool. The orange rind can buy for stored in it's own syrup for weeks in the refrigerator. You may choose to drain them and roll them in sugar. Toothsome rinds tend to dry out quite fast and should be eaten within a couple of days. You can dry the peel and dip it in tempered chocolate to make it last a plan longer.

You can use the orange flavored syrup in inconsistent drinks or dishes. Nothing really goes to waste!


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